British Royal History: Wars Of The Roses

British Royal History: Wars Of The Roses

The Wars of the Roses was a series of civil wars for control of the British throne between two houses: House of Lancaster (symbolized by a red rose) and House of York (symbolized by a white rose). This war lasted through several sporadic stages between 1455 and 1487.

Henry VI was a simple man who loved books. He was civilized and chivalrous, he hated belligerent aristocrats. This means he was an unsuitable king for contemporary society. Henry VI was the founder of Eton College and King College in Cambridge (these two still exist today). However, he was mentally ill and was a bit bad at choosing a mentor. And of course the nobility began to question who would rule the country.

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Painting of King Henry VI

There were less than 60 aristocratic families in England at that time. Through marriage, most of these families are more or less related to each other. Some houses were extremely powerful and had very strong armies of their own. And the nobility began to split into two factions: one loyal to Henry VI called House of Lancaster, and the other supporting the Duke of York called House of York. (The Duke of York was the heir to the Earl of March, who lost the competition for the throne when Richard II was dethroned.)

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The result was that the Duke of York took the throne. After he died in a battle, his son Edward followed in his footsteps and ascended to the throne in 1461. Edward IV locked Henry VI in the Tower of London, but nine years later, Lancaster's army rescued Henry VI and drove Edward IV out of the country. Edward raised a new army and returned to England to defeat Lancaster's army. Edward IV could then sit on the throne and then Henry VI died in the Tower of London. It was assumed that he was murdered.

The war between York and Lancaster would have ended if Edward IV's son had not been so young; and if Edward's brother Richard of Gloucester had not been so ambitious. When Edward IV died, his children Edward V and his younger brother were locked up by Richard in the Tower of London. Richard usurped the throne and became King Richard III. A month later, the two princes were missing (it was not until 1678 that two sets of skeletons were found in the Tower). In the play "Richard III" written about a century later, Shakespeare accused Richard of murdering his nephews, and most people believed this. Although Richard had a reason to kill his nephews, no one could prove his guilt.

The Wars of the Roses is named after the symbols of the two houses of Lancaster and York

Richard III was not popular at all. The Houses of Lancaster and York also disliked him, so when a distant relative of Edward III's second son came to England to take the throne, many nobles supported him. This man is Henry Tudor; Duke of Richmond. The two sides fought at Bosworth and half of Richard's soldiers betrayed him to run over to Henry's side. The war quickly ended. Henry Tudor was immediately crowned, right on the battlefield.

As for Richard III, Henry's soldiers killed and stripped him naked and paraded around the country, after that no one knew where Richard's body was dumped, no one seemed to care. Until 2012, his body was found in a parking lot in Leicester. In March 2015, the judge decided that he would be buried at Leicester - where he was found, although his descendants struggled to have him buried in York Minster - the ancestral land of the York family.

Framed print after 1908 painting by Henry Payne of the scene in the Temple Garden from Shakespeare's play Henry VI, Part 1, where supporters of the rival factions pick either red or white roses 

The war between Lancaster and York was finally over. It was not until later, in the 19th century, that the writer Walter Scott named it “Wars of the Roses” because the York symbol was a white rose and the Lancaster symbol was a red rose. The War of the Roses almost permanently ruined the idea of monarchy in England. After 1460, it was almost assumed that just using power could get the throne. The war took a toll on the nobility with many nobles killed and the old aristocracy almost gone. And this completely benefits the Tudor family to build a new nation.

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Overview Of The Rift Between Prince William And Harry: From Brothers Now Enemies Just Because Of Meghan Markle?

Overview Of The Rift Between Prince William And Harry: From Brothers Now Enemies Just Because Of Meghan Markle?

The rift relationship between Prince William and his brother Prince Harry has long been a topic of discussion, causing mixed opinions in the media and public opinion.

Prince William and his brother Harry were reunited on July 1 to celebrate the unveiling of a statue of their deceased mother. The two walked side by side but kept their distance and it was the Duke of Cambridge's forced smile towards his younger brother that said it all: There is a huge gap between them that is hard to fill!

Having spent their childhood together, once promised their mother to unite to support each other in life, but in the end Prince William and Harry became like two strangers. What is the reason?

Prince William and his brother Harry at the inauguration of the statue of Princess Diana.

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Status And Love

There have been many experts who gave their own views and comments to explain why the two British princes became so distant and increasingly fractured. However, anyone can see the two huge contradictions that exist between the two brothers, causing them to decide to follow two completely different paths.

One is the future king - One is always in the assistant

The first is the status. Many sources say, from an early age Prince Harry felt unfairly treated compared to his brother just because William would become King in the not too distant future. Princess Diana during her lifetime also admitted that she loved her youngest son a little more because William received more attention from family members.

As adults, the two brothers' different positions became more and more obvious and they also chose completely different ways of life. While Prince William leads a standard lifestyle and devotes himself to royal duties, Harry leads a loose life with a series of scandals affecting the family's reputation.

Princess Diana admitted she favored her youngest son because William had received greater attention from the royal family.

In an interview with Oprah in the series about mental health, Harry admitted that he used drugs to ease the pain of losing his mother. He also asserted that he had to bear the pain of Prince Charles's parenting style, which is a "loop" passed down from generation to generation.

Many experts say that Harry always feels "uncomfortable" when he becomes an unappreciated person in the family while the best things are always for Prince William. The Duke of Sussex is not satisfied with his position as the "advocate" for his brother. Because Harry holds the ambition to develop his own path in the royal family, but he himself forgets that his family has existed a clear hierarchy for centuries.

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William's advice to be careful and Harry's blind love

The second reason everyone can see is that the appearance of Meghan has made the two princes become confrontational. According to sources close to the royal family and royal biographers, William knew from the start that Meghan was not a good fit for his family. He is said to have advised his younger brother to think twice and not to rush into marriage.

However, for Harry, his brother's advice turned into "hostile" actions, wanting to go against him, so the Duke of Sussex became more and more angry. At this time, Harry only wanted to marry the girl he loves, but his brother opposed and did not believe in his choice.

Prince William was not supportive of Harry's relationship with Meghan from the start.

After getting married, both Harry and Meghan were not satisfied with what they received in the royal family, so they continuously made exactions from setting up a separate office, moving to a new place, having a new staff team, etc. However, the royal family also has its own rules, they cannot accommodate and submit to all the demands of the Sussex family.

When things don't go as planned, the inevitable result is that Harry and Meghan leave the royal family so that they can work together to realize their own ambitions, build a billion-dollar brand that is globally famous.

The Rift Deepened Because Fuel Was Continuously Added To The Fire

The rift between Prince William and Harry wouldn't have gotten any worse had the Sussexes not carried out a series of attacks on the royal family. In March of this year, Harry and Meghan set off the bomb that rocked the royal family with an interview on US television.

The attack on the royal family made the future king - a man of few words - have to speak up

The Sussex family made allegations that destroyed the perfect image of the royal family in the eyes of many people. The couple accused the royal family of neglecting them, causing Meghan to have to seek death. The Duchess also said that she was "imprisoned" in the palatial palace when she was not allowed to go out to lunch with friends, her passport and driver's license were also confiscated.

Harry and Meghan in a blockbuster interview in March.

In particular, the couple also accused the royal family of racism when saying that baby Archie could not be made a Prince just because of the color of the baby's skin. Many in the royal family have expressed concern about how dark baby Archie's skin will be. Besides, Harry also confirmed that his brother and father are trapped in the royal family with no way out.

The attack made Prince William, who is normally calm, also irritated with reporters and insisted that his family was not racist. Apparently, the Duke of Cambridge has completely denied the accusations of his brother and his wife against his family.

The attack on Kate and Harry's reversion

In a blockbuster interview with Oprah, Meghan did not hesitate to attack Princess Kate, claiming that it was her sister-in-law who made her cry in the bridesmaid dress drama. Harry also did not react to his wife's accusations against Kate, clearly agreeing with her.

Many people think that Harry is clearly showing his "turned-back" attitude because before marrying Meghan, Harry once praised his sister-in-law Kate all the way. The two even consider each other close friends, always appearing happily together. However, since Meghan appeared, everything has changed.

Harry and Princess Kate used to be on good terms.

Prince William was furious when the Sussex family dragged Princess Kate's name on television. It was an insult and disrespect to the wife William loved so much. After that, he tried his best to protect his wife and appreciate her even more when the royal bride was completely different from tricky Meghan. The Duchess of Cambridge also felt uncomfortable being called out like that.

Harry repeatedly violates the confidentiality principle that the royal family worships

The relationship between the two princes, which was already strained, was now even more discordant. Not stopping there, shortly after the blockbuster interview, Gayle King, Meghan's best friend and presenter for CBS revealed that Harry chatted with his father and brother after the interview, adding that the conversation didn't work out, but they're glad they've at least started talking to each other.

This shows that the Sussexes have leaked private information to their friends so that they can freely tell in the media. This is something the royal family can never accept. They consider it a betrayal of trust when private information is leaked to the outside. Since then, Prince William is also said to have lost faith in his brother and become more wary of the Sussex family.

Gayle King leaked information of the Sussex family on television.

When Harry returned to Prince Philip's funeral, many hoped that, when going through the pain of losing a loved one, both brothers would cherish each other and mend their relationship. The brief moment when the two brothers walked and talked to each other led one to believe that a big step had been taken in their relationship.

However, royal biographer Robert Lacey recently revealed that, after that, the two princes continued to quarrel and ended up going home, without any peace talks. That's not the worst, though.

Harry and William chat at grandpa's funeral.

In May, Harry continued to appear in a series of documentaries about mental health. Here he criticized his father and family even though they had just gone through the pain of losing Prince Philip. This is considered the last straw that made Prince William completely disappointed in this rebellious brother. The Duke of Cambridge kept quiet and tried to fulfill his royal duties, as if Harry did not exist in this world.

Harry in a documentary about mental health this past May.

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What Is The Future For Both?

At the beginning of this July, after all that he caused to his family, Harry once again returned to his hometown to join his brother in unveiling the statue of his late mother. Despite trying to interact and communicate with each other, everyone can see the awkwardness and discomfort of Prince William in this event.

The Duke of Sussex's perfect smile for the camera but quickly leaving just 20 minutes after the statue was unveiled reveals a bitter truth: The brothers were just trying to get the job done, not because of family affection. Obviously, there exists a huge gap between the two cousins that is hard to fill.

There was a huge gap between the two princes that was hard to fill.

So in the future, will their relationship get better or worse?

The Evening Standard's royal correspondent Robert Jobson recently warned that the rift between the royal brothers will not be mended until "trust" between them is restored.

"So far, the problem they've had is that any conversation Harry has with Prince Charles or Prince William seems to be on American television and the whole thing becomes public. Until there is trust between them, I see an opportunity for them to move on together," this reporter said.

Meanwhile, royal expert Kinsey Schofield recently told the media that the conflict between the two brothers Prince William and Harry will have no chance of being resolved unless Meghan is no longer in the royal family.

Kinsey Schofield told the Mirror: "Sadly, I think the only way things will go back to normal is when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle split and Prince Harry returns to the UK alone. However, Harry would never leave his children in another country”.

It can be seen that reconciling a relationship that has too many contradictions and hurts is not easy. However, it can only be done if trust exists instead of just lashing out and slandering each other. If they still cherish this relationship, surely Prince William and Harry will have a way to break the ice between the two.

However, it probably takes a long time for the two cousins to do that. It could be 5 years, 10 years and maybe even the whole lifetime!

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Comparing Prince Charles's Two Totally Different Weddings

Comparing Prince Charles's Two Totally Different Weddings

"All comparisons are lame, but it's inevitable," the Daily Mirror commented on two totally different weddings of Prince Charles with his two wives.

The 1st wedding with Princess Diana Spencer: Luxurious, grandeur but lack of love

On July 29, 1981, Diana - a young, beautiful girl from the prestigious Spencer family entered the aisle of St Paul's Church (London) to marry Prince Charles of England. At that time, the royal bride had just turned 20, 10 years younger than her fiance.

According to People, from the beginning to the end, every detail of the wedding was like a fairy tale. An estimated 750 million people around the world watched the proclaimed national holiday on television. In addition, about 2 million people lined the road from Clarence House to the church to see the beautiful bride. About 3,000 guests attended the wedding ceremony, including many heads of state and incumbent leaders.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

On the most important day of her life, Princess Diana walked three and a half minutes on the red carpet to the aisle with a 7.6-meter veil. The wedding dress she wore was worth £12,000, equivalent to £41,000 today. It is a dress completely handmade by Elizabeth and David Emanuel design team, with high quality silk and lace, set by more than 1,000 pearls and sequins. A small gold horseshoe encrusted with diamonds is attached to the bride's dress for good luck. The bride's head scarf is made of ivory-colored glossy woven fabric, lined with lace. The Duchess also wore an heirloom tiara from the Spencer family on her head, while Prince Charles beamed at the bride in a navy uniform.

During the wedding, Charles gave Diana a wedding ring made of Welsh gold. It was a gift from Queen Elizabeth II's mother in 1923. Before that, the groom had put on the bride's hand an engagement ring made of 18 carat white gold, encrusted with an 18 carat oval sapphire, surrounded by 14 a diamond. To go to the wedding, Princess Diana sat on a horse-drawn carriage like in a fairy tale, while Prince Charles waited for her in the church.

The cost of organizing this century's wedding is estimated at about 2 million USD and it collected 1,600 official gifts. After the wedding, the bride and groom honeymooned in two days of fishing in the Broadlands, followed by a two-week cruise on the royal yacht Britannia. From then, Princess Diana was called Princess of Wales.

The wedding of Charles and Diana is still listed as one of the most spectacular weddings in the world. But only 10 years after the fairy wedding, rumors about the marriage between the two began to be revealed. Prince Charles had long been in love with his ex, and Princess Diana later also began dating many other men.

The couple announced their separation in December 1992, but still carried out royal duties together. In August 1996, the couple officially divorced. Back at the wedding ceremony, when asked if he loved his wife, Prince Charles asked: "What is love?". This saying is like a prediction about the end of a marriage with only one-sided love, where the groom entering the aisle still felt confused with his choice.

Second wedding with Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles: Simple but full happiness

On April 9, 2005, nearly 10 years after divorcing Princess Diana, Prince Charles remarried Camilla Parker Bowles. At the time of marriage, the Crown Prince had two sons and Camilla was also divorced and had two children, she herself is 1 year older than the groom. It is worth noting that Camilla is the one that Prince Charles had cherished and longed for for decades, even though he had a beautiful wife who loved him wholeheartedly, Princess Diana.

Not as monumental as the first wedding, but the cost of the second wedding of Prince Charles is also up to 1 million USD. The wedding ceremony was conducted according to the civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, followed by a blessing ceremony at St George's Church, presided over by the archbishop of Canterbury.

Entering the church with the groom, the bride Camilla wore a long blue silk dress with a gentle, graceful tail. The wedding dress, designed by fashion house Robinson Valentine, is woven with 5 different gold threads. Bridal headwear designed by designer Philip Treacy. In general, despite facing opposition from many people because of her complicated love story, Camilla - who is about to take the place of Diana and who Prince Charles loves dearly - is still loved by the Royal Family.

Not traveling by royal horse-drawn carriage, the bride and groom traveled together in a 1962 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, once used by Queen Elizabeth II's mother. In the wedding, the number of guests is only about 30 people, at the blessing ceremony and reception, the number of guests is about 750 people. The wedding received 25 official gifts.

Charles and Camilla's engagement ring is a platinum Windsor heirloom ring set with a square diamond. Their wedding rings, made of Welsh gold, were a gift from Queen Elizabeth II in 1981.

After the wedding, the Crown Prince and his wife enjoyed their honeymoon for about 10 days at Birkhall - where once was the residence of Queen Elizabeth's mother in Balmoral. Camilla also officially became the Princess of Wales, but people called her the Duchess of Cornwall.

Despite getting together when they are both old, Prince Charles and Princess Camilla have proven their sincere feelings for each other. When taking Diana's hand into the aisle, the groom Charles could only utter one sentence, "What is love?". At the wedding with Camilla, when asked about his feelings, the heir to the British throne affirmed: "I am happy!".

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Little-Known Facts Of Queen Elizabeth II

Little-Known Facts Of Queen Elizabeth II

17 extremely interesting but little-known facts of Queen Elizabeth II.


Photo 1: Since all British nationals' passports are issued on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, she herself does not need it. Other members of the royal family are required to have passports, including the Duke of Edinburgh (i.e. Prince Philip, the queen's royal husband) and the Prince of Wales (i.e. Prince Charles).

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Photo 2: Once visiting a shooting range in lower Surrey (southeast of England), when being introduced to the L85 rifle, the queen couldn't help but pull the trigger and fired a long shot.

Photo 3: During World War II, the queen (then still a princess) entered the royal army. She is currently the only member of the royal family to have served in the military. When she was 18, she was assigned to the local women's support corps, taking care of the logistics. It was in this unit that the future queen was taught to drive a truck and also to repair cars. When King George VI and the queen (her parents) and Princess Margaret, her sister, visited the training center, they saw the future queen wearing a field suit standing next to her field vehicle of the Red Cross organization. The future queen was very proud of having acquired all the skills of a mechanic.


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Photo 4: Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays in a year. She was born on April 21, but according to royal custom, her official birthday is celebrated on the first Saturday of June every year.

Photo 5: The Queen already sent emails since there was no internet as popular as today. She may have just joined Twitter in 2015, but she sent her first email from the army in 1976 (and she was the first monarch to do so).

Photo 6: The Queen owns a lot of rare birds around the world. Many people think that the queen is the owner of all the swans in the UK, but that's not really the case. According to the official royal website, "the Queen retains title to all swans that appear on the water, but this title only applies to certain areas of the Thames and its tributaries". Although the queen owns more swans than anyone else, the annual swan audit still allows her to cruise the Thames and herself count the swans in her possession.

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Photo 7: The Queen is no stranger to the "photo bomb". During the 2014 British Community Games, Australian hockey athlete Jade Taylor published on her Twitter page one of the most shocking selfies of all time: Queen Elizabeth II smiled mischievously in the selfie photo of her and her colleague.

Photo 8: Queen Elizabeth II once acted in a movie with James Bond. Not only does the queen know how to drive and repair cars, she also knows how to fight the enemy. This picture is a scene taken during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics: Daniel Craig escorted the Queen from Buckingham Palace to a helicopter.

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Photo 9: The education for Princess Elizabeth at a young age was carried out by her father, King George VI. Among the future queen's teachers were the vice-president of the Royal College of Eton (constitutional history) and the Archbishop of Canterbury (religion). From a young age, little Lilibeth (a childhood nickname of the queen) was very hyperactive and passionate about everything and she enjoyed learning languages. Thanks to foreign nannies, the future queen was fluent in French from a young age. At the age of 11, when she was made a princess, the future queen became a scout and later, a scout at sea.

Photo 10: From a young age, the future queen loved animals very much. She is the owner of many thoroughbred racehorses, and loves to attend equine sports and horse races with the participation of horses she owns.

Photo 11: The Queen also loves dogs. Her favorite breed is the Welsh Corgi. Her first dog was given to her by her father for her birthday. Since then, she has had up to 30 dogs, and the latter is the child of the previous one. The dogs live in the same palace as the queen, travel in limousines and stay in hotels.


Photo 12: The Queen met her future husband when she was eight years old. He was the son of a Greek prince, forced to exile to England at the age of 1 in an orange box. Of course, her daughter's marriage to a decline prince was not welcomed by King George VI. According to some sources, it was Elizabeth who confessed first to the prince that she had a crush on since childhood and then proposed.

Photo 13: When the queen travels, her luggage can reach several tons. The record belongs to the time she went to a meeting in 1953: the queen brought 12 tons of clothes. The number of dogs accompanying the queen everywhere and the tools used to take care of them must also amount to several tons.

CustomsPig Tapestry Queen Elizabeth II

Photo 14: Queen Elizabeth II has a series of gestures carrying hidden messages. For example, during formal receptions, if she places her bag on the table, her attendants must understand that she wants to leave in five minutes. If she keeps twirling the ring in her hand or shifting the bag from one hand to the other, it means she is bored with the conversation with the other person.

Photo 15: She became queen in Kenya during her visit to this African country in 1952. That day, February 6, Princess Elizabeth received the sad news of her father's death. At the time when King George VI took his last breath, the new queen of England was on a high platform observing the foliage of the fig tree. In photo 16, she returns to England with a new title: Queen!

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Photo 16: The Queen has a very high tolerance and self-control. During a solemn parade on the occasion of the royal birthday in 1981, the bad guys shot six paper bullets near the horse the queen was riding. However, the queen still sat firmly and did not show any fear, continuing the parade. A year later, an incident occurred when an abnormal citizen sneaked into the palace, reaching the queen's room. But the queen calmly sat and talked to this madman for several minutes while waiting for the police to arrive.

CustomsPig Blanket Queen Elizabeth II


Photo 17: When in public, the Queen puts on lipstick and is not afraid to be considered too girly.

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Queen Elizabeth II's Life In Pictures: The Longest-Reigning In The History Of British Monarchs

Queen Elizabeth II's Life In Pictures: The Longest-Reigning In The History Of British Monarchs

Inheriting the throne after the death of her father King George VI, at the age of 25, Queen Elizabeth II became the king of England and in 2021, 95 years old, she is still sitting on the throne.

Since 1952, there have been 7 popes, 13 US presidents and 13 British prime ministers. However, the British Royal Family still has only one monarch - Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen of England has reigned on the throne for the past 69 years, spending more time on the throne than any other monarch in the history of the land of mist and the whole world. That is because at the age of 25, Queen Elizabeth succeeded her father as king.

Today CustomsPig will help you take a look back at the highlights in the life of the longest-reigning Queen of England.

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Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, her name was named after her mother and King George VI was the father of the Queen of England.

A photo of Princess Elizabeth in 1928.

Princess Elizabeth with her uncle Edward, Prince of Wales during a visit to Balmoral, Scotland, September 1933. Prince Edward later became King Edward VIII in 1936, however he abdicated the same year. Elizabeth's father ascended the throne and later passed it on to her.

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King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret waved to the public from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, June 22, 1939.

Princess Elizabeth shook hands with an officer of the Grenadier Guards, May 29, 1942. King George VI gave her the post of honorary colonel in the Royal Army.

Princess Elizabeth on her 21st birthday in Natal National Park, South Africa.

CustomsPig Queen Elizabeth II Blanket 

On November 20, 1947, Princess Elizabeth's wedding to Prince Philip took place.

Queen Elizabeth II succeeded her father in February 1952. This is a picture of the Queen's coronation on June 2, 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Australia in March 1954.


The Queen was holding Prince Andrew while beside her was Princess Anne, pictured during vacation in Balmoral, September 1960.

Queen Elizabeth II during a session of the senate in April 1966.

The Queen with her eldest son, Prince Charles, in 1969.

CustomsPig Tapestry Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Charles adjusting his crown during the ceremony to crown the Prince of Wales in 1969.

The Queen at Windsor Palace on her 50th birthday.

The Queen walking her famous Corgis in Windsor, May 1980.

The Queen at Prince Charles's wedding to Princess Diana, July 29, 1981.

CustomsPig Blanket Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen taking a photo of her husband in Windsor, May 1982.

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The Queen's Love At First Sight Photo When She Met The Prince At The Age Of 13

The Queen's Love At First Sight Photo When She Met The Prince At The Age Of 13

A sweet moment shows the Queen unable to take her eyes off Philip when they first meet.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had been married for 73 years - the longest marriage in royal history. They fell in love and had been together for nearly a century before His Royal Highness passed away on April 9.

Princess Elizabeth and Philip met when they were 13 and 19 years old. The fateful meeting began on July 22, 1939, when Princess Elizabeth's parents King George VI and the Queen visited the Royal Naval Academy in Dartmouth - where Prince Philip of Greece was stationed.

By fate, Philip was chosen to meet the princess because the two practitioners nominated to do so both had mumps. This was also the first time that Princess Elizabeth II, the 13-year-old heir to the British throne, fell in love with the navy soldier Philip, who later became her husband.

The photo of the first meeting between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Philip was 19 years old, very handsome with blond hair and a Nordic look. Philip was very confident and "a bit unruly in his own way", but had impressed the 13-year-old princess, according to the description of Marion Crawford - the Scottish tutor of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.

CustomsPig Tracksuit Hoodies Pullover Sweatshirt Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Marion Crawford (aka Crawfie) once wrote in his memoir The Little Princesses: "I think he did the job well. And the little girls were very impressive. Lilibet ( Elizabeth) said, “He's so good, Crawfie. He can jump that high”. She couldn't take her eyes off him."

The story was pretty cute. The children initially played with the train on the nursery floor, but then Philip got bored and suggested they jump over the net in the tennis court. Philip was said to be polite and not overly interested in Elizabeth, but teased "plubby little Margaret". However, Princess Elizabeth was completely infatuated with Philip. The king's official biographer, Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, thought the princess knew how to love for the first time.

CustomsPig Blanket Queen Elizabeth II

The British royal family visited the Royal Naval School at Dartmouth in 1939. From left are Prince Philip, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth, King George VI and Princess Elizabeth. 

After the visit, Elizabeth did not forget Philip. The princess had a picture of her crush on her desk. In September 1942, in a letter to Crawfie, Elizabeth wrote that she had told her friends that Philip was "the only one".

CustomsPig Tracksuit Hoodies Pullover Sweatshirt Elizabeth II of England

The couple exchanged letters and the romance was brief, when the future Duke spent Christmas 1943 at Windsor Castle. The couple exchanged photos and the relationship grew after Philip's naval training.

The couple got engaged on July 9, 1947.

The two fell in love and wanted to be engaged in the summer of 1946, when Elizabeth was 20 years old. The king approved, but felt that Elizabeth was too young. They waited until she turned 21 before going public. Philip renounced his Greek title and became a British citizen when he married Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey in November 1947.

CustomsPig Tracksuit Hoodies Pullover Sweatshirt Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (Queen Elizabeth II)

Two weeks later, Philip wrote to his mother: "Lilibet is the only thing in this world which is absolutely real to me and my ambition is to wield the two of us into a new combined existence."

In 1948, the Queen gave birth to Prince Charles, then Anne in 1950, Andrew in 1960, and Edward in 1964. They celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary at Windsor Castle and were together 107 consecutive days before His Royal Highness was hospitalized for heart surgery on February 17. The Queen was with her husband when he died at the age of 99.

CustomsPig Tapestry Queen Elizabeth II 

The moment the Queen and her husband looked at each other passionately.

Over the years, the Queen acknowledges Philip has always had a profound influence on her. The Duke of Edinburgh - who is always one step behind his wife - has spent 25,265 days by her side since the Queen ascended the throne on February 6, 1952. As Prince William put it, "he completely put his personal career aside to support her, and he never took the spotlight".

One of the Queen's private secretaries once said: "Prince Philip is the only man in the world who treats the Queen like a normal person. He's the only one who can do that."


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King George VI: The Special King Of England Who Stutters

King George VI: The Special King Of England Who Stutters

If ordinary people use words to express love, show their sense of humour, intelligence to make friends, and influence others, then with King George VI, it was an ironic joke that fate sent him.

He could barely pronounce the letter "k" due to stuttering. To speak a simple sentence, it took him at least 1 minute or more to complete it. Thus, from the age of 3, he became the target of his brother's amusement and the shame of his father.

The unhappy childhood of King George VI

George VI, or Albert Frederick Arthur George was born on December 14, 1895, the second son of King George V. In the family, he was affectionately known as Bertie.

Albert suffered from stuttering from the moment he could speak. Although the cause was unknown, his nature of being sensitive, shy, distance with his parents, and his nannies’ mistreatment were believed to be the reasons why he gradually became less confident in communication and led to stuttering.

Contrary to what many people think, even though he was the son of a king, Albert had a very unhappy childhood. If from a young age, the eldest brother Edward had always shown a lively, intelligent and healthy character, then Albert was a quiet child and had many physical weaknesses. Albert was left-handed, not physically strong and had bowlegs. So while the older brother Edward attracted all the attention and love of the royal family, the younger brother Albert increasingly shrank into his own world.

Albert was not pampered by the nannies, but even abused by them. They often starved him, let him sit alone and cry for hours in an empty room, and punished him with bruises when he didn't listen. At the age of 2, Albert was forced to use his right hand instead of his left one. At 3 years old, Albert suffered from pain when he had to wear a brace to straighten his bowlegs. Albert was abused by his nannies for many years, by the time people found out, Albert's personality was completely formed: very sensitive, very shy and stuttered very badly!

Albert's physical weaknesses such as left-handedness and bowlegs could be fixed after a period of time. Only the stuttering problem was still clinging to him forever. It was this disability that made him the target of Edward teasing and his father, King George V mocking. It was Prince Charles, his grandson, who later confided in the Daily Telegraph that: "The stuttering caused Albert to be separated from his family".

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When the Duke became the entertainment of the people

If Albert was the joke of his family during his childhood, when he grew up and became a prince and Duke of York, Albert was the target of gossip for the whole kingdom.

For him, speeches in public, microphones were life's biggest nightmare. To have a speech lasting 5 minutes, he had to go through a lot of humiliation and pain. The peak of it was Albert's speech at the British Empire Exhibition in 1925 at Wembley Stadium. Because of his stuttering, thousands of spectators could not hear his speech. Soon after, his father, King George V, the first monarch of the British court, sent a Christmas message to the public on the radio. In his speech, Emperor George V implied that the stuttering Albert could never be the king.

Not desiring to sit on the throne, but because of the pain and shame, Albert tried to cure his stuttering. He smoked a lot just to clear his throat or held seven sterilized marbles in his mouth for hours but these attempts were just in vain.

His biographer John Wheeler-Bennett said: "All methods failed. It was not easy to find a cure for him in the unrelenting despair of the chronic stutterer."

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Everything is possible

However, in 1926, after the failure at Wembley, while all hope was gradually disappearing, his wife Elizabeth turned to Lionel Logue for treatment.

Lionel Logue was an Australian actor. Although he was not a doctor, with his special methods, Lionel Logue had achieved remarkable success in restoring the ability to speak to some physically and mentally injured veterans during World War I. Lionel Logue's treatment was mainly based on physical exercises: breathing exercises and diaphragm strengthening.

The beginning lessons between Duke Albert and Lionel Logue did not go well. But Albert gradually had to follow the method of voice correction and speaking practice suggested by Lionel Logue. It was a tough challenge. Because in order to speak clearly, the future king must not only humble himself but also get rid of all pride, authority, and habits of being served. In the span of a few months, the Duke made considerable progress. The journey to find the voice of King George VI shows that faith is the greatest strength that helps people do seemingly impossible things.

The meeting between Albert and Lionel Logue must have had a profound meaning about shaping the future king with a timid person like Albert. That formation was nurtured by the scene of Duke Albert reciting Shakespeare with winged words but swearing freely because he couldn’t pronounce it. A Duke Albert easily getting angry with his teacher also knew how to persevere and work hard to complete each assignment. A Duke Albert who grew up to be brave in his conversations with Lionel Logue.

Laurel wreath for the brave man

After the death of his father, King George V, Albert became king reluctantly when his brother Edward VIII unexpectedly abdicated in December 1936 to marry his mistress. Mrs. Wallis Simpson was an American citizen who had been divorced twice, so the royal family and the British government could not approve King Edward VIII to marry her.

Therefore, King Edward VIII chose to abdicate to live with the woman of his life. Albert - Duke of York was forced to take the throne with stuttering and his friend as well as personal doctor Lionel Logue by his side. He took the title of King George VI.

Although the king's stuttering could not go away completely, with the help of Lionel Logue and his good wife Elizabeth, the king gradually overcame it. As the war between England and Germany in World War II was about to break out, the king had to give a speech over the radio to infuse enthusiasm to the people and soldiers and unite them in the war.

Speech therapists say that at the time, all of the king's speeches on major broadcasts were key to building and maintaining great national spirit that was unprecedented in the UK before.

The speeches of King George VI are considered to have gone beyond clichés, beyond the usual displays of oratory talent. It is the voice from the stuttering Duke Albert to the courageous King George VI, from a husband and father who took care of his family to the citizen who represented the country, from the elusive individual to the hero who dared to stand up and bear the responsibility of the country... And behind that was the love of the family, the hope from the government, the trust of the public. King George VI became great for touching the simple, ordinary things of life.

The British Medical Journal noted that: "If there is a person to vote for as outstanding as a hero or an example for those who stutter, it must be King George VI."

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Edward VIII - King Of England Abdicating The Throne To Pursue A Twice-Divorced American Woman

Edward VIII - King Of England Abdicating The Throne To Pursue A Twice-Divorced American Woman

King Edward VIII's love entered the pages of history books and became a legendary story for British royal history.

No one in the country of fog does not know about the legendary love story of King Edward VIII, who accepted to give up the throne to be with his beloved, despite all objections from the royal family. King Edward VIII, despite having the shortest reign in history, is still remembered by later generations as the most amorous and passionate man.

Prince Edward was born on June 23, 1894 as the eldest son of King George V and Queen Mary. In his youth, Prince Edward VIII served in the British Navy during World War I and often made trips on behalf of his father.

At that time, Prince Edward had a handsome, bright appearance with blonde hair. Because of that, the prince's love life was also extremely famous. When he was young, Prince Edward experienced a brief love affair with a French maid. Later, he fell in love with Freda Dudley Ward, the heiress of a textile company. More importantly, this woman had had a husband, but it seemed that Prince Edward did not care at all about the past of his lover. However, his love affair could not go anywhere and quickly ended like a breeze.

Prince Edward VIII has a handsome look as an actor on the screen.

In the following years, Prince Edward continued to expand the list of girlfriends, most of them having complicated backgrounds or being married women. He changed his lover quickly and almost no relationship was deep. Prince Edward is perhaps the only member of the royal family with a dissolute lifestyle that goes beyond the Welsh royal standards. Rarely had a prince from the past appeared in the newspapers as continuously as Prince Edward VIII. He was sought after as an entertainer, which was of course completely beyond anything the royal family and the British people could imagine.

Prince Edward's unstable, fluffy lifestyle made King George V extremely worried. There was one time King George V even had to consider the role of Prince Edward's succession after his death.

Prince Edward met Wallis Simpson, an American woman with lovely beauty, at a party in 1931. But at first, the couple were still just friends. It was not until fate roamed for them to reunite 3 years later that the two began to become close.

At that time, Prince Edward was with Lady Thelma Furness, who was once the wife of an English aristocrat while Wallis had gone through a failed marriage and was currently separated from her second husband. Wallis often visited Thelma's house and the three often talked and shared with each other everything in life.

When Prince Edward and Lady Thelma were in love.

According to historical records, it was Thelma who created the conditions for Prince Edward and her best friend Wallis to get together. During a business trip to the US, Thelma asked Wallis to take care of her boyfriend on her behalf. But perhaps Thelma herself never expected that it was this innocent act that made her lose her lover and helped the relationship between Prince Edward and Wallis become closer.

Thought this would be just another quick love of Prince Edward VIII, but no. Mrs. Wallis moved completely to England to live and maintained a good relationship with the famous prince of affluence. Although Prince Edward VIII claimed to love Wallis passionately, royal members and especially King George V never supported this relationship. The reason was because Wallis's complicated past didn't suit Edward - the prince of a country. Many people saw the couple's love as a stain of royalty.

In 1936, King George V died and Prince Edward officially succeeded the throne in place of his father. At that time, his and Wallis's love was increasingly put under pressure, people criticized a woman who had got married 2 times not being eligible to become the future queen of England. The fierce opposition of public opinion gave King Edward VIII an extreme headache. Additionally, he is also the supreme leader of the Church of England with the policy of opposing remarriage after divorce if the ex-husband or ex-wife is still alive. This meant that King Edward VIII would not be able to marry Wallis if her ex-husband had not died.

Therefore, King Edward VIII was forced to stand before 2 choices, the first one is the throne, the other one is love. No one expected that a playboy prince having a long list of ex-lovers might decide to give up everything and choose an idyllic life beside his lover like a commoner. Explaining his choice, King Edward VIII once said: "I could not carry the responsibility and perform the work of a king without the help and support of the woman I love". The throne was later given to Edward VIII's younger brother, Prince Albert. With a reign of 326 days, Edward VIII became the shortest monarch in British royal history.

Because of love, King Edward VIII did not hesitate to throw away the throne and was ostracized by the royal family.

After abdicating, Edward VIII was made Duke of Windsor while Mrs. Wallis refused all titles, preferring simply to be called "lady". In June 1937, he married Mrs. Wallis after she completed the divorce procedure with her second husband. The couple's wedding was held at Candé castle, in the city of Tours, France, with only 20 guests attending.

The simple wedding of Duke Edward and Mrs. Wallis was held at Candé castle in France.

The row of seats reserved for guests at the wedding of Duke Edward and Mrs. Wallis was left empty because not many people attended.

Duke Edward and his wife chose to leave England and lived a peaceful life between France and the US until the once British monarch died in 1972 from throat cancer. 14 years later, Mrs. Wallis died, her body was later brought back to England to rest next to her husband.

In 1936, Mrs. Wallis was voted Woman of the Year by Time magazine of the US. Explaining this title, a Time editor said: “In the entire history of Great Britain, only one king voluntarily abdicated, and it happened in 1936 because of a woman". Ms. Wallis became the most talked about figure and interesting topic for the media, newspapers and people around the world at that time.

Wallis was named Woman of the Year by Time magazine in 1936.

Although not recognized by the royal family, the legendary love story between King Edward VIII and Ms. Wallis still appears in every page of history. The next generation still remembers Edward VIII as a lovesick king, willing to give up the throne to be with the woman he loved.

Edward VIII is now remembered as a passionate man who accepted to give up his noble title just to be with his beloved one.

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The Debauched Life Of Britain's Most Sex-Crazed King

The Debauched Life Of Britain's Most Sex-Crazed King

Known as one of England's most lustful kings, King Edward VII loved to bathe in champagne with beauties at Europe's most luxurious brothel, owned a bizarre tantra chair and the secret to being strong every time having sex.

King Edward VII

Recently, Tracy Borman, curator of British Historic Palaces and presenter in the new documentary "Private Life of the Monarchs", embarked to learn about the strange tantra chair of King Edward VII, the eldest son of the late Queen Victoria and great-grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II.

Information about the tantra chair and its owner immediately attracted great attention. Many recognized him as one of England's most lustful kings.

The desire for joy made the king's father angry and die?

Prince Edward


The depraved nature of King Edward VII was revealed at a young age, as evidenced by his controversial love affair with an Irish actress at age 19 while serving in the army.

In 1861, being desperate because his eldest son did not pay attention to his studies, Prince Albert decided to give Prince Edward a "taste" of the army to awaken him. Prince Edward was sent to an army barracks in Ireland.

Sadly, "a leopard can't change his spots". Immediately after Edward arrived at the barracks, the officers arranged actress Nellie Clifden to "serve" the young prince. In his 1861 diary, the British prince also recorded a happy date with the Irish actress.

When this news reached Prince Albert, he was disappointed and said to his son: "I knew that you were thoughtless and weak – but I could not think you depraved."

A few weeks later, Prince Albert died of typhoid. However, Queen Victoria believed that it was her spoiled eldest son that caused her husband to suffer and die. She never forgave Edward.

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Spend the night in the most luxurious brothel in Europe

After the death of his father, Prince Edward did not wake up, but also sank deeper into a life of debauchery. It was this reason that not until turning 60 was he awarded the throne.

King Edward VII indulged in lavish parties and became a regular guest of Europe's most luxurious brothel - Le Chabanais (France). The English king even ordered a special tantra chair to enjoy at a brothel in Paris.

King Edward VII's Bizarre Tantra Chair

The chair is designed with an odd shape with enough space for two women, one above and one below. It fits the weight of King Edward VII, has a fixed handle and footrest. However, the strange design has many researchers wondering about its use. History professor Richard Thomson said: "Perhaps, only King Edward VII and God knew how to use it."

King Edward VII is said to like two things in life: Good food and beautiful women.

According to Matthew Sweet, author of "Inventing the Victorians", King Edward VII had a special hobby at Le Chabanais: Bathing with beauties in champagne. At a brothel in Paris, the English king owned a private room with a bronze bath decorated with a strange painting of half woman, half swan. The women who served him were innumerable. They came from many professions such as actors, models, artisans, prostitutes, etc.

One of the fun things that King Edward VII enjoyed most was a tea party at the mansion of the beautiful countess Daisy Greville.

"The tea party is just an excuse, their main purpose is to come here to find a mate. The men will play sports and the beauties will wear a long dress and no bra. They start a conversation and pair up before taking each other to their own rooms," said Victoria Fishburn, biographer of Countess Daisy Grevillle.

Portrait of Countess Daisy Greville

The sex scandal involving the British king is also a matter of great attention. According to Ranker, Edward's most scandalous affair was probably with Jennie Churchill, mother of the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. After discovering the incident, Randolph Churchill, Jennie's husband, tried to blackmail Edward but failed. Edward even got angry and challenged Randolph. However, at that time, the challenge was considered illegal, so nothing happened.

The secret to the health of the king of sex

The secret of King Edward VII lies in his diet

According to the Daily Mail, the British king was always prolific in sex mainly thanks to his diet. In his book, British historian Christopher Hibbert fully describes the typical meals of a day of King Edward VII.

Accordingly, breakfast opens with a plate of bacon, eggs, cod, chicken, toast and butter. An hour later, Edward will eat turtle soup. Lunch includes dishes such as roast beef, lamb and Yorkshire desserts.

After tea, King Edward VII added boiled eggs, cakes and ginger. Dinner at 20:30 is usually the most hearty. Edward ate dozens of oysters, avocado toast, caviar, shrimp, turkey, quail, pigeon, pheasant, etc.

Historian Jane Ridley said: "The British royal family often had meals with such sumptuous dishes. However, they were mainly for display. The case of King Edward VII was special when he ate most of the dishes.”

That's why he was always in the best physical condition.

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5 Surprising Facts About Queen Victoria

5 Surprising Facts About Queen Victoria

On June 28, 1837, 18-year-old Alexandrina Victoria was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The coronation ceremony was held at Westminster Abbey in London. More than 400,000 visitors flocked to this place to witness the sacred moment. In fact, Queen Victoria had a great influence around the world when she came to power despite her young age. She ruled her kingdom until her death in 1901.

Victoria became the longest-reigning queen in British history and was also the owner of the splendid Buckingham Palace for a long time. There are interesting secrets about her life that not everyone knows.

The short queen who was respected by the whole world

Few people know that Queen Victoria is only about 5 feet tall, compared to Europeans, she is short. In 2009, after the queen's nightgown and pair of bloomers were sold at auction in 2009, people were amazed at the queen's small body. However, her height did not affect her authority. During her six decades of ruling the country, she made the whole of England respect her and her fame spread throughout Europe.

Portrait of Queen Victoria.

Ascended to the throne at the age of 18, then the UK was still under a constitutional monarchy (the regime in which the king did not really hold power in his hands). However, with strict ethical standards and skillful influence on domestic policies as well as ministerial appointments, the queen has built her name and affirmed her position in the UK. She became a symbol of the nation, a model of virtue for people to follow.

During the Queen's 63 years of rule, England was also known as the "Victorian Era" showing her far-reaching influence in the country. At this stage, technology, culture, politics, science-military developed strongly throughout the country and the British Empire began to influence the world.

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The Queen proposed to her cousin and had a perfect marriage

Queen Victoria met her future husband Albert - the Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha for the first time when she was 16 years old. Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's first cousin because his father was the older brother of the queen's mother. Upon the meeting, Queen Victoria fell in love at first sight and proposed to this prince according to royal rites. In 1840, the couple held a luxurious wedding in the presence and blessings of people and relatives.

Painting of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Although this is a marriage between members of the royal family, their home is full of happiness. The Queen has a total of 9 children with her husband. The queen even wrote a letter to her uncle Lepold I to thank him for arranging for her to meet a great guy like Prince Albert. In her diary, Victoria wrote: "Without him everything loses its interest".

Queen Victoria's wedding dress has opened a wedding dress trend for the fashion world

The Queen's wedding dress was designed by artist William Dyce and sewn in England. With the desire to revive the embroidery craft of the country, she chose the famous Honiton lace to highlight her dress in combination with high-class white silk from Spitalfields, England. The pleated long dress has a low neckline, looks quite simple but not monotonous. Compared to the prevailing wedding dress fashion at that time, the queen's dress was criticized by many as being too simple.

Today, Queen Victoria's wedding dress is still on display.

Furthermore, the queen chose a head garland instead of a tiara and wore a pair of white shoes that made the entire queen's wedding dress, although delicate, unfashionable at the time. Many people thought that she was too conservative even when choosing an outfit on the big day. However, she loved her dress very much. A few decades later, the queen's white wedding dress with soft silk and lace became a trend in the fashion world.

Portrait of Queen Victoria on her wedding day. She wears a simple garland instead of a tiara. 


The Queen was the first known carrier of "royal disease" - a European obsession

In the 17th and 18th centuries, many royals in Europe faced a strange disease passed down through generations with high mortality rates, whose scientific name is Hemophilia. Queen Victoria was the first person to contract this disease in the British royal family. Later, the disease also spread to other royals in Europe, becoming an obsession with European royalty. Her son Leopold died from excessive blood loss after he slipped and fell. Her grandson also died of the disease when he was 2 years old and 2 other grandsons also died at the age of 30.

According to researchers, the "royal disease" spread throughout Europe because the descendants of Queen Victoria were married to many members of aristocracy and royalty throughout Europe. It was also thanks to these marriages that European royalty became closer. Queen Victoria was also known as the "grandmother of Europe" because of that.

Currently, this disease no longer exists in members of the European royal families.

The Queen was raised by a single mother, and later became a single mother herself

Queen Victoria's father died when she was less than one year old. From then to the year of the throne, she grew up in the love of her mother and the guidance of her uncle. Twenty-one years after their wedding, her husband Prince Albert also passed away. She raised her children alone and never went any further.

However, the loss of her loving husband had a great influence on her psyche. For a long time Queen Victoria was distraught. After that, she recovered her spirits but no longer appeared in public as much as before. She alone raised 9 grown up children. Ruling a kingdom, raising children in place of her deceased husband is not an easy thing, moreover, the queen still had to continue to suffer a lot of pain of losing children and grandchildren due to "royal disease”.

Surely Queen Victoria must be a woman with a "spirit of steel" to complete everything well to build such a glorious era for England!

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Unveil The Secret Of England's Missing Prince

Unveil The Secret Of England's Missing Prince

People only knew the presence of the prince in the first 4 years of his life. Since then, no one knew where the prince had gone, even many people believed that the boy really did not exist.

Special photo

A photo of 6 children of King George V and Queen Mary taken in 1909 is the clearest proof that the "Missing Prince" John did exist in real life. He was the son of the king of England and was on the list of heirs to the throne, but no one knew about the existence of Prince John. In the picture, the boy sits on the lap of his brother, Prince Edward. At that time, John was 4 years old.

Prince John was nicknamed "The Lost Prince" because no one knew the existence of him, it was only when some rare photos were shared in the media later that the British people knew there was a prince who suffered such a tragic fate.

Rare photo of Prince John with his siblings.

John Charles Francis was born on July 12, 1905, the fifth and youngest son of King George V. During the first four years of his life, John was described as a bright, healthy and active child. The boy was very lively and loved adventure games. However, at the age of 4, the boy was diagnosed with epilepsy.

In 1909, John started having seizures and his condition worsened. Since then, John became invisible in the family and completely disappeared from the public even though he was on the list of heirs to the throne. The little prince was forced to leave the palace to move to Sandringham House.

Before the age of 4, Prince John was still a normal child.

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Miserable life

The little prince was looked after by nanny and housekeeper Charlotte Bill. At the age of 13, Prince John died from a severe seizure. After the death of the prince, the public learned the truth about John's epilepsy. Many believed that the boy was mistreated and not given proper attention. However, many experts confirm that the little prince was still well taken care of.

Much evidence showed that John still had contact with outsiders and that he still had his friends. Rare pictures of Prince John show that he was normally a happy and loving child, living a full life.

At that time, John's epilepsy was still a new disease and no effective treatment had been found. People at that time considered this disease to be something very terrible. Therefore, this is the reason why the royal family decided to keep Prince John's story a secret so that the boy became someone who did not exist in this world.

Although he lived a life full of material things, the little prince lacked a lot of love. A source close to the royal family said the family only visited the prince once or twice a year. He lived separately from his siblings and social community. What could be more unfortunate than that?

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What is the cause?

When Prince John’s condition was identified, doctors told the King and Queen that the boy could not survive to adulthood. Therefore, his departure on January 18, 1919 was not a great shock to the family, everyone was prepared to accept it.

"For John it was a relief, for his illness would only get worse as he grew older and he had suffered so much," Queen Mary wrote in a letter sent to her friend.

King George V once confided in a friend that John's leaving was too sad. However, the lack of transparency about John's information has made his life more tragic and there have been many speculations about why a prince has such disease?

An image of Prince John growing up.

King George V and Queen Mary.

According to many experts, John was born and raised in a family lacking affection. The boy and his siblings only saw their mother for an hour a day and rarely saw their father. Their family was dominated by the fearsome personality of their father. The relationship between the King and Queen was also not very good.

Prince Edward recalls his childhood as "miserable" while John was the youngest child and also suffered the most. The boy was lonely in his own family and did not receive the proper attention of his parents.

It can be seen that the short life of the British prince makes many people sad and haunted. Obviously, being born into a noble family is not necessarily a lucky thing.

The story of "Missing Prince" John also makes many parents think about being close and caring to their children, especially creating a warm loving home so that the children can all feel good and happy.

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The UK's Most Tragic Queen: 17 Times Losing Child, Cursed By A Gay, Dying Of Obesity

The UK's Most Tragic Queen: 17 Times Losing Child, Cursed By A Gay, Dying Of Obesity

The life of the last Queen of the Stuart dynasty is typical of a noble - surrounded by darkness behind the glory of the throne.

The Queen of Great Britain has a prestigious position, ruling as an Emperor of a powerful empire consisting of many confederate countries. However, behind the aura of power in hand, there are many Queens who have to live in the dark of pressure and tragedies of private emotions, family, and children.

And the life of Queen Anne - the last Queen of the Stuart dynasty of England is a typical example. She had to live in despair when expecting 17 times but there are only 5 children being born. Ironically, they were all stillborn or died at a very young age. Then she even plunged into a gay love affair but in the end, she had nothing in her hand but loneliness.

Portrait of Queen Anne painted by Michael Dahl

Unhappy childhood lacking love behind the halo of a Queen

Queen Anne, a beautiful, sexy woman who had taken the UK to new heights in just 12 years of her reign by her talent and grit. Queen Anne was born on February 6, 1665 in London, the second daughter of an aristocratic family with both parents being the Duke of York.

Queen Anne's childhood must be said to be a series of sad days when she witnessed the loss of loved ones one after another. Initially, in her early years, Anne was allowed to live with her grandmother in France, but when Anne was 4 years old, her grandmother died. After that, Anne was raised by her biological aunt, but less than a year later, this aunt also died of stomach disease. After that, Anne returned to live with her parents in England, and at the age of 6, Anne's mother also died of breast cancer.

Portrait of Queen Anne painted by Godfrey Kneller

After that, Anne had to live in lack of family affection, because actually being born in a noble family meant that she had to face power struggles, get caught up in underground wars between the clans, and so was Anne's father. Because he was so absorbed in the search for power that he let his two daughters suffer loneliness and lack of warmth.

When Anne turned 18 years old, she was married to Prince George of Denmark by her family. This can be said to be a suitable marriage even though it was originally just a political marriage like any other marriages in the nobility and royal family at that time. Anne's husband is described by the history books as a rather handsome, tall and blond young man, but he had a major vice of alcoholism, so his strides to power were unremarkable.

Portrait of Queen Anne painted by Willem Wissing

In 1685 Anne's father became King of England after his younger brother Charles II (Anne's uncle) abdicated, however, after only ruling for 3 years, Anne's father was defeated by his son-in-law and biological daughter Mary, then they took the throne to rule the United Kingdom. Soon after Mary and her husband died childless in 1694 and 1702, Anne became the last member of the Stuart family to claim the throne and she was officially crowned Queen in 1702at the age of 37.

Then, during her 12-year reign until her death at the age of 49, she restored the UK to a peaceful nation by resolving issues of religious strife. She had earned the trust of the people of the United Kingdom with her toughness, talent and experience as a Queen who had gone through so much tragedy when she witnessed the loss of loved ones from her childhood, and the conflicts of her own family members just because of religious issues, even her own pain when trying to sit firmly on the throne while losing 17 children and the torture of illness.

Portrait of Queen Anne painted by John Closterman

A lifetime of tragedy for the last Queen of the Stuart dynasty to rule Great Britain

During her short life, Queen Anne endured many illnesses and physical torments. From the age of 4, Anne was diagnosed by an ophthalmologist with rather weak eyes, and had to squint when looking at a distance until the last years of her life.

But all is nothing compared to the disease Lupus - the congenital red rash that she carried in her body, which is also the cause that pushed her into the abyss of despair when 12 out of 17 times being pregnant with the child died right in the womb. The other five children, two daughters, Mary and Anne Sophia, all died in infancy from smallpox. Daughter Mary, born on October 14, 1690, lived only two hours, and George George, born on April 17, 1692, lived only a few minutes.

Portrait of Queen Anne and her son William painted by Godfrey Kneller

Only her baby son William lived the longest, but like his mother, even heavier, Prince William carried many diseases since childhood. When the Prince was born, he had a convulsion and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. For the next few months, the Prince had to live in pain when he could not walk alone, was always in a state of sleep and regularly had the doctor aspirate fluid on the head to check. And the fate of the Prince was just like his 16 siblings’, in 1700, after an 11-year-old birthday party, William took his last breath in the arms of his mother and father.

Queen Anne, during the days watching her child grow up suffering from illness and die, had no better health. Due to many pregnancies, Queen Anne had to deal with comorbidities such as obesity and gout, which made it difficult and painful for her to walk every day. Even on the day of her coronation, Anne was in such pain that she had to sit on a chair while the soldiers carried her to the ceremony.

Portrait of Queen Anne painted by Godfrey Kneller

And pain after pain, she thought she would collapse when her husband died in 1708. But Anne became stronger than ever, she quickly dismissed the sadness only after 2 days of mourning for her husband and continuing the work of ruling a large kingdom. And through so much pain, she got entangled in another tragic love affair, which is a homosexual love affair with Sarah Churchill (wife of Duke Churchill of Marlborough, i.e great-grandmother of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's family). She was a beautiful courtier, attractive but full of cunning, always demanding, easily getting angry and had bottomless greed.

It can be said that this little-disclosed love affair, most likely taking place while she was still living with her husband Prince George, has become one of the most fascinating stories, but also carries too many scandals in British Royal History. Anne loved Sarah so much that she allowed this sly woman to interfere in political affairs. This love blinded Queen Anne.

Portrait of Queen Anne painted by Michael Dahl

Yet, despite enduring suffering and indulging in a strange love affair, Queen Anne found her last bit of sanity, in her final hours. She always struggled with the role of a monarch, fulfilling her responsibilities to the royal family and limiting the involvement of the third power - her mistress Sarah. With her iron will, Queen Anne directly cut off this relationship with no hesitation. And Sarah's face was exposed right after being rejected by Queen Anne, Sarah did not regret cursing Anne, and turning the so-called "love" into a chaotic war. Sarah had stated that to the end of her life, she would never forgive Anne.

Finally, Anne was determined to continue to reign on the throne in the face of Sarah's derision and revenge, the Queen found some peace in the remnants of her suffering, and remained until she passed away. At about 7:30 am on August 1st, 1714, Anne died of illness at Kensington Palace. Her body even became so big that she had to be buried in an almost square coffin. . She was buried next to her husband at Westminster Abbey, England, ending a tragic life behind the glory of the name "Queen".

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