Changes Due To Covid-19 Epidemic


         The first case of Covid-19 infection was recorded on December 1, 2019 and now the disease has appeared in 213 countries and territories. It is raging and spreading.

         Due to the global impact of COVID-19, CustomsPig without exception would like to announce:

  • Production time: To ensure social separation, the number of production employees must be reduced and divided into many work shifts. This results in production longer than usual. (take more 1-2 days than usual).
  • Delivery time: Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, the shipment will take:
  • To the US/Canada: more 2-4 days (standard shipping) and more1-3 days (faster shipping)
  • To the Europe: more 2-5 days (standard shipping) and more 1-3 days (faster shipping)
  • To the United Kingdom: more2-4 days (standard shipping) and more1-3 days (faster shipping)
  • To Rest of the World: more 3-6 days (standard shipping) and more2-4 days (faster shipping)

Please note that the time of shipping does not consist of time of processing and producing.

We truly appreciate your understanding and please stay informed during this period.

Wish you and your family all the best.