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From The Happy Customers
From The Happy Customers
GREAT PRODUCT QUALITY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND Came very quickly across the pond (to the UK).
— Richie B.
From The Happy Customers
It turned out great, you never disappoint. I Will definitely buy some again.
— Mason D.
From The Happy Customers
This shop has been very good at communicating whenever I had an issue or question.
— Daniel M.


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Based on 47 reviews

Tommy Vercetti Hawaiian Shirt Tommy wears in GTA Vice City


fast delivery and i am very satisfied with the items

Very satisfied

the tracksuit fits me very well

Tommy Vercetti Hawaiian Shirt Tommy wears in GTA Vice City

Well made! Fits Great!

The color pattern is very good. I usually wear XL garments [US sizing]; however, I would recommend that you order the 2XL for a better fit. I ordered the 2XL and it fit very well, both in the chest and with arm length.

Gorgeous print

Well worth the price. The xl is very big. Thank you!

Perfect job!

Hey guys,

I really want to thank you about this absolutely nice Tommy Vercetti shirt! I just ordered it because of nostalgic worth, but it even fits perfectly to wear!
I didn't care if I'm going to wear it or to hang it on the wall.. One reason I knew: I want really want it!

About one week to arrive, perfect quality and absolutely worth it!

I appreciate your work done 100%.
Thanks and lovely greets from Austria! 🇦🇹


Great stuff!

Took a while to arrive, but I am very happy with the quality!

Exactly as pictured

Excellent quality

Great design, not so great fabric

Turns out "Kate silk" is just polyester. I suppose it had to be for the print, but it's definitely not as comfy as cotton or linen. That said the print is awesome, great quality, bright blue color, sharp lines, looks exactly like Tommy Vercetti's shirt.

Exactly as pictured

Great, I really like the tracksuit that I have received

Just like Tommy Vercetti.

The shirt looks incredible. It's just like what my gangsta Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City wears.

Run a little big but great!

Ordered three, the graphics were amazing! I’m a big guy and ordered large but I should have ordered medium. Didn’t wanna deal with retuning and waiting for new overseas so I’ll just live with it. But highly recommend!

Good product

I am thinking about getting another custom…because if it’s this good, why not?

Exactly as pictured

I will be ordering again


highly recommend for all you guys

Awesome product!

I am very pleased with my recent order. This perfect! 10/10 :)

Swiss Guard
Satisfied with my order

It arrived faster than expected. As a multi purchase user, it is the best place to find and buy the historical costumes!

Elizabeth I Hoodie

This is super comfy! I will purchase more....

I love this hoodie!

It is one of the best hoodies I have ever seen!

Very good custom GEAR

Extremely warm and comfortable hoodie. Best quality. 10/10. "Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice, it is a fallacy. You in America will see that someday"- iL Duce

Exactly as pictured

Great shop with awsome prints and quality is realy good.

World War 1 Uniforms Austro Hungarian Soldier Hoodie

It took a while to arrive there, but I was pleasantly surprised at both the level of quality and comfort. Anyway, it is worth my wait and money.