The rift relationship between Prince William and his brother Prince Harry has long been a topic of discussion, causing mixed opinions in the media and public opinion.

Prince William and his brother Harry were reunited on July 1 to celebrate the unveiling of a statue of their deceased mother. The two walked side by side but kept their distance and it was the Duke of Cambridge's forced smile towards his younger brother that said it all: There is a huge gap between them that is hard to fill!

Having spent their childhood together, once promised their mother to unite to support each other in life, but in the end Prince William and Harry became like two strangers. What is the reason?

Prince William and his brother Harry at the inauguration of the statue of Princess Diana.

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Status And Love

There have been many experts who gave their own views and comments to explain why the two British princes became so distant and increasingly fractured. However, anyone can see the two huge contradictions that exist between the two brothers, causing them to decide to follow two completely different paths.

One is the future king - One is always in the assistant

The first is the status. Many sources say, from an early age Prince Harry felt unfairly treated compared to his brother just because William would become King in the not too distant future. Princess Diana during her lifetime also admitted that she loved her youngest son a little more because William received more attention from family members.

As adults, the two brothers' different positions became more and more obvious and they also chose completely different ways of life. While Prince William leads a standard lifestyle and devotes himself to royal duties, Harry leads a loose life with a series of scandals affecting the family's reputation.

Princess Diana admitted she favored her youngest son because William had received greater attention from the royal family.

In an interview with Oprah in the series about mental health, Harry admitted that he used drugs to ease the pain of losing his mother. He also asserted that he had to bear the pain of Prince Charles's parenting style, which is a "loop" passed down from generation to generation.

Many experts say that Harry always feels "uncomfortable" when he becomes an unappreciated person in the family while the best things are always for Prince William. The Duke of Sussex is not satisfied with his position as the "advocate" for his brother. Because Harry holds the ambition to develop his own path in the royal family, but he himself forgets that his family has existed a clear hierarchy for centuries.

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William's advice to be careful and Harry's blind love

The second reason everyone can see is that the appearance of Meghan has made the two princes become confrontational. According to sources close to the royal family and royal biographers, William knew from the start that Meghan was not a good fit for his family. He is said to have advised his younger brother to think twice and not to rush into marriage.

However, for Harry, his brother's advice turned into "hostile" actions, wanting to go against him, so the Duke of Sussex became more and more angry. At this time, Harry only wanted to marry the girl he loves, but his brother opposed and did not believe in his choice.

Prince William was not supportive of Harry's relationship with Meghan from the start.

After getting married, both Harry and Meghan were not satisfied with what they received in the royal family, so they continuously made exactions from setting up a separate office, moving to a new place, having a new staff team, etc. However, the royal family also has its own rules, they cannot accommodate and submit to all the demands of the Sussex family.

When things don't go as planned, the inevitable result is that Harry and Meghan leave the royal family so that they can work together to realize their own ambitions, build a billion-dollar brand that is globally famous.

The Rift Deepened Because Fuel Was Continuously Added To The Fire

The rift between Prince William and Harry wouldn't have gotten any worse had the Sussexes not carried out a series of attacks on the royal family. In March of this year, Harry and Meghan set off the bomb that rocked the royal family with an interview on US television.

The attack on the royal family made the future king - a man of few words - have to speak up

The Sussex family made allegations that destroyed the perfect image of the royal family in the eyes of many people. The couple accused the royal family of neglecting them, causing Meghan to have to seek death. The Duchess also said that she was "imprisoned" in the palatial palace when she was not allowed to go out to lunch with friends, her passport and driver's license were also confiscated.

Harry and Meghan in a blockbuster interview in March.

In particular, the couple also accused the royal family of racism when saying that baby Archie could not be made a Prince just because of the color of the baby's skin. Many in the royal family have expressed concern about how dark baby Archie's skin will be. Besides, Harry also confirmed that his brother and father are trapped in the royal family with no way out.

The attack made Prince William, who is normally calm, also irritated with reporters and insisted that his family was not racist. Apparently, the Duke of Cambridge has completely denied the accusations of his brother and his wife against his family.

The attack on Kate and Harry's reversion

In a blockbuster interview with Oprah, Meghan did not hesitate to attack Princess Kate, claiming that it was her sister-in-law who made her cry in the bridesmaid dress drama. Harry also did not react to his wife's accusations against Kate, clearly agreeing with her.

Many people think that Harry is clearly showing his "turned-back" attitude because before marrying Meghan, Harry once praised his sister-in-law Kate all the way. The two even consider each other close friends, always appearing happily together. However, since Meghan appeared, everything has changed.

Harry and Princess Kate used to be on good terms.

Prince William was furious when the Sussex family dragged Princess Kate's name on television. It was an insult and disrespect to the wife William loved so much. After that, he tried his best to protect his wife and appreciate her even more when the royal bride was completely different from tricky Meghan. The Duchess of Cambridge also felt uncomfortable being called out like that.

Harry repeatedly violates the confidentiality principle that the royal family worships

The relationship between the two princes, which was already strained, was now even more discordant. Not stopping there, shortly after the blockbuster interview, Gayle King, Meghan's best friend and presenter for CBS revealed that Harry chatted with his father and brother after the interview, adding that the conversation didn't work out, but they're glad they've at least started talking to each other.

This shows that the Sussexes have leaked private information to their friends so that they can freely tell in the media. This is something the royal family can never accept. They consider it a betrayal of trust when private information is leaked to the outside. Since then, Prince William is also said to have lost faith in his brother and become more wary of the Sussex family.

Gayle King leaked information of the Sussex family on television.

When Harry returned to Prince Philip's funeral, many hoped that, when going through the pain of losing a loved one, both brothers would cherish each other and mend their relationship. The brief moment when the two brothers walked and talked to each other led one to believe that a big step had been taken in their relationship.

However, royal biographer Robert Lacey recently revealed that, after that, the two princes continued to quarrel and ended up going home, without any peace talks. That's not the worst, though.

Harry and William chat at grandpa's funeral.

In May, Harry continued to appear in a series of documentaries about mental health. Here he criticized his father and family even though they had just gone through the pain of losing Prince Philip. This is considered the last straw that made Prince William completely disappointed in this rebellious brother. The Duke of Cambridge kept quiet and tried to fulfill his royal duties, as if Harry did not exist in this world.

Harry in a documentary about mental health this past May.

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What Is The Future For Both?

At the beginning of this July, after all that he caused to his family, Harry once again returned to his hometown to join his brother in unveiling the statue of his late mother. Despite trying to interact and communicate with each other, everyone can see the awkwardness and discomfort of Prince William in this event.

The Duke of Sussex's perfect smile for the camera but quickly leaving just 20 minutes after the statue was unveiled reveals a bitter truth: The brothers were just trying to get the job done, not because of family affection. Obviously, there exists a huge gap between the two cousins that is hard to fill.

There was a huge gap between the two princes that was hard to fill.

So in the future, will their relationship get better or worse?

The Evening Standard's royal correspondent Robert Jobson recently warned that the rift between the royal brothers will not be mended until "trust" between them is restored.

"So far, the problem they've had is that any conversation Harry has with Prince Charles or Prince William seems to be on American television and the whole thing becomes public. Until there is trust between them, I see an opportunity for them to move on together," this reporter said.

Meanwhile, royal expert Kinsey Schofield recently told the media that the conflict between the two brothers Prince William and Harry will have no chance of being resolved unless Meghan is no longer in the royal family.

Kinsey Schofield told the Mirror: "Sadly, I think the only way things will go back to normal is when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle split and Prince Harry returns to the UK alone. However, Harry would never leave his children in another country”.

It can be seen that reconciling a relationship that has too many contradictions and hurts is not easy. However, it can only be done if trust exists instead of just lashing out and slandering each other. If they still cherish this relationship, surely Prince William and Harry will have a way to break the ice between the two.

However, it probably takes a long time for the two cousins to do that. It could be 5 years, 10 years and maybe even the whole lifetime!

November 03, 2021 — Phung Mai

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