17 extremely interesting but little-known facts of Queen Elizabeth II.


Photo 1: Since all British nationals' passports are issued on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, she herself does not need it. Other members of the royal family are required to have passports, including the Duke of Edinburgh (i.e. Prince Philip, the queen's royal husband) and the Prince of Wales (i.e. Prince Charles).

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Photo 2: Once visiting a shooting range in lower Surrey (southeast of England), when being introduced to the L85 rifle, the queen couldn't help but pull the trigger and fired a long shot.

Photo 3: During World War II, the queen (then still a princess) entered the royal army. She is currently the only member of the royal family to have served in the military. When she was 18, she was assigned to the local women's support corps, taking care of the logistics. It was in this unit that the future queen was taught to drive a truck and also to repair cars. When King George VI and the queen (her parents) and Princess Margaret, her sister, visited the training center, they saw the future queen wearing a field suit standing next to her field vehicle of the Red Cross organization. The future queen was very proud of having acquired all the skills of a mechanic.


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Photo 4: Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays in a year. She was born on April 21, but according to royal custom, her official birthday is celebrated on the first Saturday of June every year.

Photo 5: The Queen already sent emails since there was no internet as popular as today. She may have just joined Twitter in 2015, but she sent her first email from the army in 1976 (and she was the first monarch to do so).

Photo 6: The Queen owns a lot of rare birds around the world. Many people think that the queen is the owner of all the swans in the UK, but that's not really the case. According to the official royal website, "the Queen retains title to all swans that appear on the water, but this title only applies to certain areas of the Thames and its tributaries". Although the queen owns more swans than anyone else, the annual swan audit still allows her to cruise the Thames and herself count the swans in her possession.

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Photo 7: The Queen is no stranger to the "photo bomb". During the 2014 British Community Games, Australian hockey athlete Jade Taylor published on her Twitter page one of the most shocking selfies of all time: Queen Elizabeth II smiled mischievously in the selfie photo of her and her colleague.

Photo 8: Queen Elizabeth II once acted in a movie with James Bond. Not only does the queen know how to drive and repair cars, she also knows how to fight the enemy. This picture is a scene taken during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics: Daniel Craig escorted the Queen from Buckingham Palace to a helicopter.

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Photo 9: The education for Princess Elizabeth at a young age was carried out by her father, King George VI. Among the future queen's teachers were the vice-president of the Royal College of Eton (constitutional history) and the Archbishop of Canterbury (religion). From a young age, little Lilibeth (a childhood nickname of the queen) was very hyperactive and passionate about everything and she enjoyed learning languages. Thanks to foreign nannies, the future queen was fluent in French from a young age. At the age of 11, when she was made a princess, the future queen became a scout and later, a scout at sea.

Photo 10: From a young age, the future queen loved animals very much. She is the owner of many thoroughbred racehorses, and loves to attend equine sports and horse races with the participation of horses she owns.

Photo 11: The Queen also loves dogs. Her favorite breed is the Welsh Corgi. Her first dog was given to her by her father for her birthday. Since then, she has had up to 30 dogs, and the latter is the child of the previous one. The dogs live in the same palace as the queen, travel in limousines and stay in hotels.


Photo 12: The Queen met her future husband when she was eight years old. He was the son of a Greek prince, forced to exile to England at the age of 1 in an orange box. Of course, her daughter's marriage to a decline prince was not welcomed by King George VI. According to some sources, it was Elizabeth who confessed first to the prince that she had a crush on since childhood and then proposed.

Photo 13: When the queen travels, her luggage can reach several tons. The record belongs to the time she went to a meeting in 1953: the queen brought 12 tons of clothes. The number of dogs accompanying the queen everywhere and the tools used to take care of them must also amount to several tons.

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Photo 14: Queen Elizabeth II has a series of gestures carrying hidden messages. For example, during formal receptions, if she places her bag on the table, her attendants must understand that she wants to leave in five minutes. If she keeps twirling the ring in her hand or shifting the bag from one hand to the other, it means she is bored with the conversation with the other person.

Photo 15: She became queen in Kenya during her visit to this African country in 1952. That day, February 6, Princess Elizabeth received the sad news of her father's death. At the time when King George VI took his last breath, the new queen of England was on a high platform observing the foliage of the fig tree. In photo 16, she returns to England with a new title: Queen!

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Photo 16: The Queen has a very high tolerance and self-control. During a solemn parade on the occasion of the royal birthday in 1981, the bad guys shot six paper bullets near the horse the queen was riding. However, the queen still sat firmly and did not show any fear, continuing the parade. A year later, an incident occurred when an abnormal citizen sneaked into the palace, reaching the queen's room. But the queen calmly sat and talked to this madman for several minutes while waiting for the police to arrive.

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Photo 17: When in public, the Queen puts on lipstick and is not afraid to be considered too girly.

November 03, 2021 — Phung Mai

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